About us

About Us

ECO Brotbox kick started 3 years ago beginning with founder Mustafa Demirtas frustration with the lack of healthy toxin free container options for his kids school lunches. After some time, effort and research he felt people needed better plastic free options. This is where the idea for ECO Brotbox began, now we are a company of 8 people based in Berlin selling sustainable ecological products all over Germany and Europe.
ECO Brotbox is a small company focused on finding new and innovative designs for sustainable products. We aspire to have every product as sustainable, fair and toxin free as possible, every step of the way. This means our products are produced safely and fairly with the highest quality of stainless steel, natural silicons, wood and we are constantly exploring new materials to bring you beautiful, convenient and durable lunchware. We consider the environment in all aspects of our company, this means freight and shipment are done as ecologically as possible, as is our packaging, boxing and delivering to your door!
Leading a conscious life with regards to the environment and health – that’s important to us at ECO Brotbox.
Our contribution to a sustainable lifestyle began in 2014: Due to the growing scandals around the topic plastic and the pollutants contained therein, our founder Mustafa Demirtas decided to ban plastic from his family kitchen. Looking for alternatives, he came across traditional steel containers from India, which had already proven there in everyday life for generations. Convinced of the benefits for people and the environment, he decided to introduce these containers in Germany.
At ECO Brotbox we hope to encourage children and adults to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle – For us this not only means the food you eat but the packaging as well. We firmly believe that families will improve our world a little bit with every meal through the use of our products.

Behind the scenes


Mustafa Demirtas
Founder of ECO Brotbox