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Stainless steel lunchboxes for kids

Would you rather put together your own back-to-school set? At ECO Brotbox you will find a wide range of sustainable stainless steel lunch boxes, lunch boxes and water bottles. All products in our range are free of harmful substances, contain no plastic and are odorless and tasteless thanks to the high-quality selection of materials.

Your advantages of ECO Brotbox


Depending on the model, insulated, leak-proof and / or with practical subdivision.


Our products are made of high quality stainless steel. This is good for the environment and your health.


Our products are tested food safe. So the food you bring tastes exactly the way it should.


In the dishwasher.


Stainless steel is extremely robust and of course rust-proof.


Sustainable products manufactured under fair conditions.


For your lunch box cheap to order in our store.

Edelstahl Brotdosen für Kindergarten & Schule

With our stainless steel boxes for kids ECO Brotbox offers you a real alternative. Just choose the lunch box for your kids that suits you best. Thanks to variable sizes, our stainless steel containers can be used flexibly in everyday school and kindergarten life. Whether as a lunch box for breakfast, lunch box or for a snack - our products offer enough space for all (snack) meals.

Like all stainless steel products from ECO Brotbox, our children's lunch boxes are plastic-free and contain no harmful substances. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher means your ECO Breadbox is ready to go back to school the next morning. In German GALAB Laboratories, the stainless steel we use has been certified absolutely food safe. The material is rustproof, acid-resistant and completely odorless and tasteless.

Practical: Bread boxes with subdivisions

Healthy nutrition is important - especially in a stressful school day. To ensure that your children are well supplied with vitamins, we have equipped many lunch boxes with subdivisions or different layers. This way, you can give your kids fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods in addition to their lunch without them getting mixed up.

Compact: Ideal for school bag and pocket

Our children's lunch box sets are designed to fit perfectly into the school bag. If you choose our attractive bundle consisting of a lunch box and a water bottle, your child will be well supplied with food and drinks.

Kids lunch box set:
Breadbox Classic & Breadbox XL

With our first School Start Bundle, your children will start the school year 2022 in a sustainable way. The set includes everything needed for school and kindergarten. Included are: two different sized lunch boxes with lids, a separate snack box and a plastic-free elastic band so that nothing falls out during transport.

'Time for School' bundle #1: Brotbox Classic + elastic band, Brotbox XL
Perfect for a sustainable day at school. With the 'Time for School' bundle by ECO Brotbox your kids are ready for school. The two lunch boxes made of high-quality stainless steel are free of plastic and harmful substances such as BPA and taste- and odor-neutral. Thus, the breaktime snack remains fresh and delicious throughout the day. Thanks to the robust material, the boxes also put away the most turbulent school day and become long-lasting companions for small and older children. Included in the set: Brotbox XL For a reason, this is one of our bestsellers: the single-layer Brotbox XL offers enough space for a healthy snack. Included is an extra snack box, which can be put either in large bread box or kept separately, depending on your needs. Ideal for small snacks like nuts, dried fruits, or other. Brotbox ClassicThe simple lunch box without many frills. Perfect for sandwiches, pieces of fruit, or other snacks and treats. Elastic Band Fancy an extra bit of support for your lunchbox? The plastic-free elastic band made of cotton and natural rubber ensures that the Brotbox Classic stays securely closed - even when it's tossed around in your bag.

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Contents of the set:

Bread Box Classic

Small stainless steel bread box, perfect for break bread at school or kindergarten.

Breadbox XL + Snackbox XL

Large bread box with plenty of space for a rich and healthy snack, ideal for older children or teenagers. You attach a lot of importance to a healthy diet? The snack box offers enough space for fresh fruit and vegetables. So your kids are well supplied with vitamins even at school or kindergarten.

Elastic band (M)

Safe transport of the Breadbox Classic even on turbulent kindergarten and school days.

Kids lunch box set with water bottle

Our second back-to-school bundle includes a multi-layer stainless steel lunch box with dividers, a practical snack box and a plastic-free water bottle. The elastic band for reliable closing of the lunch box is also included in this set. So your kids are well equipped and 100% plastic-free on the road!

Contents of the set:

Dabba Magic + Snack Box

Large stainless steel lunch box with subdivision. The separation allows you to perfectly store snacks, fruit and vegetables and nothing falls through. Our practical additional box for snacks is also included in this attractive bundle. Also excellent as a snack box.

Stainless steel drinking bottle (CHI2)

Say goodbye to the boring plastic bottle and switch to our sustainable stainless steel drinking bottle. Thanks to 500 ml volume, your kids will get through the day perfectly.

Elastic band (S)

Thanks to the fixing rubber band, the food in the top layer of the Dabba Magic stays where it belongs - in the lunch box!

'Time for School' bundle #2: Dabba Magic + elastic band, Chi2
Perfect for a sustainable day at school - healthy and environmentally friendly With the 'Time for School' bundle by ECO Brotbox your kids are ready for school. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the lunch box and water bottle are free of plastic and harmful substances such as BPA and are absolutely neutral in taste and odor. This keeps your drink and break time snack fresh and delicious all day long. Thanks to the robust material, the two products put away the most turbulent school day and become long-lasting companions for small and older children. Included in the set: Dabba Magic with a snack box The two-layer box also contains a small snack box, which can either be stored separately or in the upper container. The little box is just perfect for pieces of fruit or vegetables, nuts, or a tasty dip. Elastic BandWith the plastic-free elastic band made of cotton and natural rubber, you can keep the top part of the Dabba Magic separate and securely closed when you take it with you - even if the box gets tangled around in your bag. Chi2 Drinking Bottle (0.5 L) Small but mighty - the handy CHI2 with its 0.5-liter capacity fits in any pocket. Perfect for thirst on the go, without having to use disposable plastic bottles.

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