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Our philosophy

ECO Brotbox has a mission:

We want to inspire people to be environmentally conscious in their daily lives and support them in effortlessly doing without plastic containers and disposable packaging while on the go. For this purpose, we develop and produce sustainable, plastic-free alternatives under fair conditions, which make it easy to take food & drinks safely packaged. Our focus is on products made of high-quality stainless steel. This is what makes our lunchboxes, water bottles and the like stable and durable everyday helpers - completely free of plastic and harmful substances. And that is ultimately not only good for the environment, but also for our health.

For less plastic on our planet.

We would like to see valuable food at home and on the road no longer packaged in plastic as a matter of course. Because our vision is a world in which plastic waste is no longer one of the greatest threats to our earth and its inhabitants.

Step by step.

We see ourselves and our products as part of a big movement. Together, we can make a decisive difference and help keep our planet livable in the future. Every small step counts.


Our values

As we live our mission and work toward our vision, we are guided daily by our values:


SUSTAINABILITY - We take responsibility.

Our future is in our hands. Therefore, the fair & respectful treatment of people and nature is the basis for everything we do.


CUSTOMER ORIENTATION - We inspire and support.

ECO Brotbox should be fun. Therefore, the satisfaction of our customers and business partners is the focus of our work. We always have an open ear and take time for questions, wishes or problems.


TEAMWORK - We live community and appreciation.

Together we are strong when we support each other and have fun working together. With our individual strengths, we contribute to achieving our common goal.