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Meals To Go: Returnable systems for take-away restaurants

Since 2023, you as a restaurant, delivery service or caterer are obliged to provide your customers with environmentally friendly reusable tableware for food and drinks "to-go". Disposable plastic packaging will be banned for the most part and will no longer be an alternative! If you want to continue offering take-away food in your establishment in the future, it is time to think about "reusable" containers.

Why did reusable containers become mandatory for food service establishments?

Pizza is eaten at home on the sofa, sushi comes in lots of plastic bowls, and food from the Vietnamese is eaten in a Styrofoam container at the desk during the lunch break. Thus, a steadily growing mountain of waste is created by the catering industry. Germany has a problem with take-away packaging, as 770 tons of it are thrown away every day. Mandatory returnable systems can efficiently reduce packaging waste.

Reusable instead of disposable: plastic-free take-away alternatives for catering businesses

For to-go catering plastic is not the only solution. Plastic-free alternatives, such as reusable stainless-steel tableware is the answer to a sustainable take-away culture. These durable reusable containers have many advantages. Not only do they present your food in a higher quality, they are also sturdy, durable, scratch-resistant and rust-proof. There is a wide variety of stainless-steel products to choose from, from leak-proof to insulated with or without a division section and a variety of menus and beverages can be accommodated. Stainless-steel packaging is also dishwasher safe and tasteless - simply perfect for sustainable eating and drinking to go!  

Packaging made of recycled or FSC-certified paper is also environmentally friendly. As a caterer, restaurant owner or delivery service, there is also the alternative to use wax paper instead of conventional paper with a PE coating for greasy food. There is also packaging coated with bioplastic, which is made from renewable raw materials, but the disadvantage of this product is that it can only be composted to a limited extent.

Want to switch to sustainable reusable tableware with your delivery business and present your food in a high-quality way? In the following we will present ways to make your restaurant, snack bar or catering service plastic-free with a returnable system.

1. Set up your own returnable deposit system for your restaurant - with products from ECO Brotbox

Many environmentally conscious take-away fans simply bring their own reusable container to fill. It's easy - no plastic, no waste. But not every guest always has their own dishes to fill with them. What happens if you want to be spontaneous? 

As a gastronom, caterer or delivery service, you can simply rely on reusable containers to go. So put an end to disposable packaging: Take-away with a clear conscience, but still spontaneous! With the stainless-steel meal boxes from ECO Brotbox, you can easily set up your own deposit system. 

Your customers come to the restaurant, choose their favorite food and get it in a practical stainless-steel container to take it with them on their way. With a deposit, you can be sure that you will get your boxes back and can reuse them afterwards.

Tiffin Bowl+

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Tiffin Double+

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2. Offer your customers plastic-free reusable containers from ECO Brotbox for sale

If operating your own deposit system is too time-consuming for you, you can purchase high-quality stainless-steel containers from ECO Brotbox and simply offer them to your customers for sale. This way, your customers get their individual containers and you only have to take care of filling them. For you an additional source of income without deposit handling and without rinsing. 

At ECO Brotbox you will find the right containers for your establishment as well as sustainable cutlery, straws and cups made of stainless-steel.

Discover our variety of high quality stainless-steel lunchboxes and sandwich containers:

Another reusable solution is offered by our sister company Tiffin Loop, the plastic-free reusable system for take-away

Tiffin Loop provides gastronomies with a deposit-free, simple and safe, as well as APP-based reusable system - including connections for delivery services.

How does Tiffin Loop work? 

The concept is quite simple: Together with their favorite meal to go, your customer receives a reusable stainless-steel container, either free of charge via the app or against a card for 20 euros. After eating their meal, they then return the dish promptly or a few days later to one of the participating restaurants! 
Both your restaurant and your customers can easily participate in the Tiffin Loop system using a smartphone app. With this app, you or one of your employees scans the QR code that your customers show when they check out the reusable containers. This way, you always keep track of where the containers are currently circulating and how much stock you have left. At Tiffin Loop, there are no monthly fees or rental charges; you only pay a maximum of 0.25 euros per issue. 
For all customers who do not want to use an app, there is the Tiffin card. This is issued for a fee of 20 euros. One reusable container can be borrowed and returned per Tiffin Card - no matter how much time has passed. Member restaurants receive a supply of cards from us.

You are a restaurateur and want to become a Tiffin Loop partner? Wonderful! This is how it works:

You want to be part of something great and join us in our vision of eliminating plastic? Then switch now to our sustainable reusable system for your take-away catering.

Or download the APP now and register for free: