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Stainless-steel bottles

With an environmentally friendly stainless-steel water bottle from ECO Brotbox you can always stay hydrated easily when you are on the go. Our bottles are your everyday companion and can be reused almost indefinitely - they are the healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. Due to the high quality 18/8 stainless-steel they are food safe and completely tasteless: Your drinks stay fresh and tasty for a long time. Of course - as every good bottle should be - they are absolutely leak-proof. A food-safe silicone ring makes it possible

Insulating bottle YIN (0.5 L)
Through the day with hot or cold drinks You don't want to do without hot or cold drinks on the go? The 0.5 l insulated bottle YIN with its double-walled insulation ensures that your hot drinks such as tea or coffee stay warm for up to 8 hours and cold drinks remain refreshingly cool up to 8 hours even in summer. This makes a stressful day at university or at work a bit more pleasant and adds even more fun to active days in nature. In addition, you protect your health and the environment: the insulated bottle is made of non-toxic & odour- and tasteless 18/8 stainless steel and will accompany you for a long time. This way you can fill your YIN again and again with your favourite drinks and simply avoid all the harmful plastic bottles. The wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean. No matter whether in everyday life or for your next outdoor adventure – the sturdy & environmentally friendly insulated bottle YIN is a reliable companion!  

Drinking bottle CHI2 (0,5 L)
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The most compact drinking bottle from ECO Brotbox Small but powerful – the handy CHI2 with its 0.5 litre capacity fits in almost any bag. Perfect for your thirst on the go, without having to go for disposable plastic bottles. The drinking bottle is made of high-quality and food-safe 18/8 stainless steel – this makes it completely free of harmful substances, which is not only good for you, but also for the environment. A sealing ring made of food-grade silicone in the cap ensures that your bottle is 100% leak-proof. Due to the wide drinking opening you can fill and clean it comfortably at any time. In addition, it is sturdy and durable, which makes it a reliable companion for kindergarten & school, work, sport or even outdoors.

Insulating bottle YANG (950 ml)
Your perfect buddy for hot & cold days YANG stands for activity & movement and this insulated bottle from ECO Brotbox is just right for that. With its capacity of 950 ml you will be well supplied even for long days. Double wall insulation keeps beverages 8 hours warm or cold – perfect for hot summer or cold winter days. Due to the high-quality and food safe 18/8 stainless steel the drinking bottle is free of plastic and pollutants like BPA, but also odourless and tasteless. So no matter how often you refill the bottle, your drinks will always taste fresh and authentic. The wide bottle opening also simplifies filling and hygienic cleaning of the bottle. Whether in everyday life or for your next outdoor adventure – the sturdy & sustainable vacuum flask YANG is a reliable companion!  

'Time for School' bundle #2: Dabba Magic + elastic band, Chi2
Personalisation: no customization
Perfect for a sustainable day at school - healthy and environmentally friendly With the 'Time for School' bundle by ECO Brotbox your kids are ready for school. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the lunch box and water bottle are free of plastic and harmful substances such as BPA and are absolutely neutral in taste and odor. This keeps your drink and break time snack fresh and delicious all day long. Thanks to the robust material, the two products put away the most turbulent school day and become long-lasting companions for small and older children. Included in the set: Dabba Magic with a snack box The two-layer box also contains a small snack box, which can either be stored separately or in the upper container. The little box is just perfect for pieces of fruit or vegetables, nuts, or a tasty dip. Elastic BandWith the plastic-free elastic band made of cotton and natural rubber, you can keep the top part of the Dabba Magic separate and securely closed when you take it with you - even if the box gets tossed around in your bag. Chi2 Drinking Bottle (0.5 L) Small but mighty - the handy CHI2 with its 0.5-liter capacity fits in any bag. Perfect for thirst on the go, without having to use disposable plastic bottles.

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Starter Set
Lunchbox & bottle The perfect start to becoming plastic-free or for kids in school & kindergarten: with the practical set of the Brotbox Classic (0.5 l) and the 0.5 l drinking bottle CHI2 you are well equipped. The sturdy and unbreakable stainless steel products can handle a lot and are therefore two reliable companions for every day. Thanks to the food safe stainless steel the box is of course free of plastic and harmful substances like BPA, but also neutral in odour and taste . That way food and drinks stay fresh and tasty for a long time.


Stainless-steel water bottles from ECO Brotbox

Stainless-steel bottles look stylish, are robust and have many advantages over glass or plastic bottles. If you are health conscious, you should avoid plastic PET bottles altogether and instead opt for a stainless-steel drinking bottle. Stainless-steel bottles do not contain any plasticizers such as bisphenol A (BPA). At ECO Brotbox you will find a wide range of different bottle sizes, so you can enjoy fresh and delicious drinks from your ECO water bottle all day long.

What are the arguments against PET plastic bottles?

Staying hydrated is healthy: An average adult should consume between two and three liters of water per day to meet the body's fluid requirements. Glass bottles are best suited for at home use. They are environmentally friendly, can be fully recycled and contain no plastic. However, they are useless for traveling, as they are too heavy and are prone to breaking easily.

Because of this problem, many people reach for PET plastic drinking bottles from the supermarket. These do not have to be refilled and can be returned to the nearest deposit machine as soon as they are empty. Plastic beverage bottles, however, can contain the hormone-altering substance bisphenol A, which was classified as a "substance of very high concern" by the European Chemicals Agency (ECA) in 2017. In addition, there is a risk that PET bottles can release small plastic particles into the mineral water that you drink.

Plastic bottles also represent a significant burden on the environment. Around three quarters of waste that ends up in the ocean is made of plastic - and around 5 to 13 million tons are added every year. By giving up plastic bottles, you're doing your part to protect the environment.

Advantages of stainless-steel bottles

Compared to glass or plastic, a bottle made of stainless-steel material offers a variety of advantages for people and the environment:

  • free from pollutants
  • BPA free (no bisphenol A)
  • robust and unbreakable
  • sustainable and durable
  • easy cleaning
  • dishwasher safe
  • odorless
  • tasteless
  • excellent recyclable
  • low weight

Each of our bottles is made of high quality 18/8 stainless-steel. Our bottles are rustproof, acid resistant and temperature resistant. A stainless-steel water bottle from ECO Brotbox you can be used for many years without decrease in quality. 

Which bottle size should I choose?

At ECO Brotbox you will find a large selection of pollutant-free water bottles in different sizes. For sports and leisure as well as school and work, we have the right bottle for your purpose.

Which water bottle suits me?

  • 500 ml (0.5 L): well suited for children, leisure activities and to clench the thirst in between
  • 800 ml (0.8 L): ideal outdoor bottle for trips and hikes
  • 950 ml (0.95 L): handy bottle with a large capacity for sports and work days

Insulated bottles for cold and hot drinks

Our stainless-steel beverage bottles with lids are leak-proof, so you can take them with you to school or work in your backpack or bag without worrying about leakage. A health-safe silicone ring and a tight screw cap reliably protect your drink from leaking.

You like to drink cocoa or hot tea? We got you covered: choose one of our thermo bottles, which keep hot drinks warm for hours. You can even take soup or a delicious stew with you and enjoy it on the go.

In summer, the insulated bottles help keep your drinks out-of-the-fridge cold. 

Special offers for sets in our online store

At ECO Brotbox we do not only offer leak-proof stainless-steel bottles, but also practical lunchboxes for when you are on the go. With our products you are always well equipped for the next breakfast in the office or at school. Our products are sustainable, environmentally friendly, pollutant-free and can be perfectly combined with each other.

Get free shipping for orders from 50 € and we will deliver your bottle, lunchbox and accessories to your home.

Frequently asked questions about our bottles

Can stainless-steel bottles be harmful to your health?

No, stainless-steel drinking bottles are free of bisphenol-A (BPA) and do not contain any other harmful substances that pose a health risk. For this reason, we do not use a coating on the inside of the bottle. You can enjoy both hot and cold drinks without hesitation - every day.

What is the easiest way to clean my ECO water bottle?

Stainless-steel is very easy to clean and maintain. Fill your drinking bottle with hot water and close the lid. Shake vigorously and then pour out the water to remove any beverage residue. If necessary, you can also use a bottle brush. Once your bottle has been rinsed and is clean, it should be placed upside down to dry.

Note: A stainless-steel water bottle from ECO Brotbox is always dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning even easier.