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ECO Brotbox is 10 years old this year!

Welcome Message

Dear ECO Brotbox fans,

2024 is in full swing, the old year is behind us and it has been exciting and a lot of fun. We have recently launched several new products and fine-tuned our brand so that we can make our everyday lives even more sustainable and use less and less plastic. We owe our success to you – our loyal customers, who continue to motivate and inspire us.

2024: Year in Review

We hope you have also had a good start to the new year 2024! We are very excited and full of anticipation, because ECO Brotbox is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year! And we have some great activities planned for our anniversary.

So you can look forward to it!

Our Journey Begins

Our journey began in 2014 – founded in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Our founder and managing director Mustafa had a problem at the time: he wanted lunch boxes for his schoolchildren that were safe for the health, practical, and durable. He couldn't get very far with plastic boxes. He discovered the perfect, sustainable solution in India – lunch boxes made of stainless steel. In India, reusable stainless steel containers for transporting lunch have a long tradition. Inspired by this, Mustafa decided to close the gap in the market here in Germany himself and founded ECO Brotbox.

Brand Development Since 2015

Starting with a small range of lunch boxes, a variety of other products were gradually added. Thanks to growing awareness of environmental and climate issues, plastic-free alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in the sector.

Tiffin Loop: Sustainable Takeaway

In order to do something for a plastic-free environment not only in the kitchen at home, but also on the go, we launched Tiffin Loop, the sustainable & plastic-free reusable system for takeaway. The idea for Tiffin Loop was born shortly after ECO Brotbox was founded, as it felt like a logical step to ban plastic and disposable containers from everyday take-away as well as private households. After Tiffin Loop got off to a good start as a project at ECO Brotbox, we were finally able to take the step of founding Tiffin Loop as an independent company in 2021. Find out more about Tiffin Loop here.

Personalized Products by Laser Engraving

We have also been offering name engraving on selected products since 2021. This makes it easier to distinguish boxes and bottles in the family kitchen or on the school playground and gives them a personal touch. Over the last few years, we have also added special editions with various engraving motifs. You will also be seeing more of our popular Turtle and her underwater friends in the future. As one of the marine animals that is particularly affected by plastic pollution and single-use packaging waste, the turtle is a special motif that is very close to our hearts. It is a good ambassador when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection.

ECO Brotbox "Made in Europe"

We have a long-standing, trusting partnership with all of our manufacturers. Whether from China, India, or South Korea – our products are subject to high quality standards, we know the working methods of the companies and ensure that they meet our expectations in terms of safety, human rights, and use of materials. Nevertheless, one of our sustainability goals is to reduce long transportation routes.

In 2022, we reached a major milestone in our company history! The first ECO Brotbox product made in Europe, Portugal. The Marmita+ pays tribute to its country of origin with its structure and design and is a wonderfully versatile lunch box for any outdoor adventure, but also for long working days in the office. Just for those situations where you need a varied, tasty lunch, well-packed and practical to take away.

2023: Social Commitment

At ECO Brotbox, we believe that good (environmental) education is one of the most important steps towards a sustainable future and a climate-friendly society.

This is best started at an early age, because children have a good grasp of issues that affect the planet and its creatures. And they often have the ability to motivate their parents to think and act differently.

With our first own social project "ECO Brotbox Plastic-Free Schools", we want to contribute to more sustainability and environmental education in daycare centers and schools. To this end, we provide free educational material on the topic of "My sustainable school bag" for grades 1-6 to interested and committed teachers and parents. You can find out more here.

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