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The Bento Box is very much in vogue

The Bento Box is becoming more and more popular. This functional lunch box for food has a lot more to offer than the "normal lunch box". Thus, meals of varying types and consistencies can be taken anywhere in a bento box. This means great diversity in nutrition by combining fruits, vegetables, bread, salad, pasta, yogurt and other foods. This results in more enjoyment when eating and is a bonus for your health thanks to wonderfully varied food.

The principle of Bento Box and its characteristics

Bento Flex+ mit Sandwich und Obst

The Bento Box originates from Japan. Centuries ago, aristocrats transported their food in practically divided wooden boxes when traveling. Thus, various foods such as small fine dishes and more were carried. Today's Bento Box is also characterized by the fact that it is divided into compartments of different sizes. This allows bread, fruit and vegetables to be presented appetizingly and attractively and different textures to be stored separately.

Sturdy materials ensure durability

These boxes are made of robust material such as plastic or stainless-steel. This allows you to clean and reuse them countless times. The materials make the box resistant to shocks, dropping and external influences such as temperature differences, dirt, odors and bacteria. The food inside stays fresh and appetizing.

What are the advantages of the Bento principle?

girl with yogi box+

A Bento Box is more than just a lunch box. It offers several advantages due to its different sized divisions. It offers you the possibility to put dry ingredients like bread, pastries or cakes with juicy fruits, vegetables or even yogurt in one box. A bento box is a great companion for both young and old: whether on trips, hikes, or to take to work or school - it's simply practical!

Bento boxes come in different designs and materials. After all, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the look of their lunch box as well as what they eat. For example, parents can optimally cater to the needs of their children when stocking the lunch box. Children who frequently struggle to eat their packed lunch often prefer to reach for a box that contains a variety of tasty morsels. There is also room for a small dessert. This is more fun for the little ones than the usual sandwiches and lifts their spirits as well as their willingness to taste fruits and vegetables. So another advantage is that the Bento Box promotes a healthy and varied diet.

The Bento boxes from ECO Brotbox

With the two boxes Bento Classic+ and Bento Flex+ from ECO Brotbox you are well equipped for your break, lunch break, picnic or otherwise! In addition, you are in terms of pollutants entirely safe. Because the ECO Brotbox Bentos are made of food-safe stainless steel, which is of course free of harmful substances such as BPA and also odorless and tasteless. Safety is also otherwise given with the bento boxes from ECO Brotbox, because these are namely leak-proof by a silicone ring in the lid and extremely robust and durable. On top of that, the Bento Classic+ (1 Liter) and the Bento Flex+ (1,3 Liter) have a considerable capacity. The Bento Classic+ has a fixed divider to keep contents neatly separated, while the Bento Flex+ has a flexible divider, allowing it to be used with one large compartment or with two compartments to separate contents. If that's not enough compartments for you, you can purchase an extra divider to make even more of your Bento Flex+.

If you already own a Yogi Box+ or a Yogi Double+ you can also purchase a suitable divider and turn it into a Bento Box!

What kind of food can the Bento Box be filled with?

Depending on how many compartments the Bento Box is equipped with, various appetizers can be accommodated in it:

1. Small sandwiches topped with cheese, vegan cold cuts, jam or butter. A hard boiled egg as well as vegetarian meatballs (recipe at the bottom of the page) are also very popular. Peeled and chopped walnuts make a nutritious and healthy snack. Perfect for the lunchbox are also cheese cubes and olives, which can be conveniently skewered.

2. Delicious fruits such as apple slices, pear wedges, grapes, bananas, mandarin pieces, kiwi slices, cherries and strawberries. In the summer season, raspberries, currants, and gooseberries and blackberries are good choices.

3. Vegetable pieces such as a quartered tomato, radishes, cocktail tomatoes, bell pepper strips, melon cubes, lettuce or pickle, kohlrabi and carrot sticks. You can add a little yogurt or cottage cheese dip.

4. Children like a small dessert in the form of 2-3 cookies, a small piece of cake, a fruit quark, cereal bars or a few pieces of chocolate.

Our Bento Box recipe to try: Seasoned vegetarian meatballs

Mix vegetable-based mince or cooked lentils with diced onions. Season according to taste with pepper, salt, chili, garlic powder, mustard and mix together with 1 egg and some breadcrumbs to bind well. Form meatballs and fry them in a pan in high-heat vegetable oil. Enjoy!

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