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Sustainable Living Guide for Plastic-Free Seas

Discover practical tips to reduce plastic use and protect marine life with our Sustainable Living Guide. Make everyday choices for cleaner, healthier oceans.

Urban Gardening: A Comprehensive Guide for City Dwellers

Explore urban gardening tips for small spaces, DIY projects, community activities, and tech. Start now!

ECO Brotbox is 10 years old this year!

Join us in celebrating 10 years of ECO Brotbox, where sustainability meets innovation. Discover the journey that transformed lunchtime into a statement for the planet!
Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Friends

Explore unique Christmas gift ideas for eco-friendly friends in our latest blog post. Find the perfect eco-friendly presents for your loved ones.

The Bento Box is very much in vogue

The Bento Box is becoming more and more popular. This functional lunch box for food has a lot more to offer than the "normal lunch box".

Sustainable baking - cookies with a good conscience

What would the Advent season be without the sweet and homely smell of cookies? In addition to Advent wreaths and Christmas market visits, delicious cookies are simply part of the pre-Christmas season.

Hot autumn: Make warm drinks To Go yourself

Hot drinks for more variety on the go

Plastic-free shopping - tips and tricks for your shopping without plastic

Every year, Germany produces around 18 million tons of plastic waste. Fortunately, there are many ways you can easily shop plastic-free and without packaging.

Cocktail trends 2022: 5 summer trend recipes

Summer, sunset, a handful of nice people and then toast with a delicious cocktail. What more could you want?

Picnic checklist: sustainable & plastic free

It's summer time - it's picnic time. With delicious things, off we go to the park. But what about all the garbage?

Freeze food without plastic

Easy ways to freeze without plastic

New Year's resolutions rethought

New Year's resolutions that move away from rigid thinking and towards a motivational mindset

Green Friday at ECO Brotbox - Shop sustainably and help protect the environment!

Shop sustainably and do good! The Green Friday at Eco Brotbox!

Healthy lunch break - Vegan lunchboxes to go

Enjoy a vegan lunch. Easy meals for on the go, office and university/school

Experience nature - forest bathing and mushroom picking

A day in the forest, whether forest bathing or actively mushroom picking, is always good for the body, mind and soul.

Sustainable first day of school - How to make it without plastic & co.

Learning to think sustainably from an early age. From stainless steel lunch boxes to water bottles.